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Having Problems with LMS User Management? Here’s the Solution. 

A social learning management system (LMS) is a wonderful thing that comes with a host of benefits and sometimes a few problems. These problems are no big deal if administrators know how to address them. Of all the issues that accompany an LMS, the biggest one is probably a difficulty managing (adding and maintaining) users. For a mid-sized or large company with hundreds or thousands of employees, it is crucial that managing users is a streamlined, simple task. Quickly and easily adding and maintaining user accounts is also important for small companies that want to experience great growth. Whether they are small, medium, or large, companies need and want user management to be easy. Not every LMS facilitates effortless management … Continue Reading »

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Why We Love Social Learning (And You Should, Too!)

We love social learning – it’s as simple as that. Do you? If not, you may benefit from discovering more about the nature and function of the incredible thing called social learning. Once you grasp the breadth of advantages specific to social learning, you’ll sing its praises as loudly as we do. Why We Love Social Learning (And You Should, Too!) There are several key reasons why we adore social learning. One of the main reasons is that social learning promotes constructivism in the workplace. “Constructivism” is a term that should be in any forward-thinking company leader’s vocabulary. According to Learning Theories, “Constructivism as a paradigm or worldview posits that learning is an active, constructive process. The learner is an … Continue Reading »

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TOPYX LMS Included In the January 2017 FrontRunners Quadrant for LMS Software

Learning management system software has never been more popular, useful, or developed than it is today. The learning management system (LMS) market is worth over $2.5 billion and is growing quickly. In the business world, LMSs are used to train employees. They are also used to track the training that takes place. Organizational leaders have come to rely on learning management systems. But, there are now many LMSs on the market. So, it can be difficult for a consumer to decide which software to buy. Company leaders want LMS software that can perfectly meet the needs of their businesses. The January 2017 FrontRunners learning management systems assessment can make the decision process for these individuals easier. What Is a FrontRunners … Continue Reading »

2 Secrets for Promoting Learning Transfer in LMS-Based Corporate Training

  Does your company offer its employees LMS-based corporate training? If so, it is one of many. Learning management system (LMS)-based learning, or online learning, is becoming the standard in corporate training. The LMS industry is growing at the speed of light; it has companies to thank for that. Company leaders worldwide are implementing learning management systems. Why? For one primary purpose: to train their employees.   Why an LMS Should Be Used for Corporate Training An LMS has many functions. For example, a full-featured learning management system… Offers language localization. Allows employees to work remotely while staying connected to their coworkers. Gives employees access to work-related resources on their mobile devices. While many LMSs offer these features and more, … Continue Reading »

9 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About the History of Online/Distance Learning

Over the course of history, online/distance learning, or eLearning, has grown to epic proportions. What began in 1728 as the first distance learning course ever to be offered has flourished into a $107 billion market. Are you familiar with the history of online learning? 9 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About the History of Online/Distance Learning One of the best ways to understand online learning is to become familiar with its history. Here are 9 amazing things you probably don’t know about the history of online/distance learning: 1) As mentioned above, the first distance learning course was established in 1728 in Boston, Massachusetts. 2) A shorthand course, taught via correspondence, was established in Great Britain in 1840. 3) Courses started … Continue Reading »

5 Reasons Why Online Learning is Valuable

Online learning is valuable – this statement is practically inarguable. Over the past couple of decades, online learning has slowly but surely crept into nearly every type of company, organization, educational institution, nonprofit, multinational, association, and healthcare establishment. Why? The answer is simple: online learning, or eLearning, is both incredibly convenient and highly effective for adult learners. Because of this, it has become a go-to delivery system for corporate training. It is becoming common knowledge that online learning is crucial to the welfare of any organization. Still, every once in a while we all need a few reminders of why this is the case. These reminders help us help others understand why eLearning is relevant and how it can positively … Continue Reading »

The Case for eLearning in the Workplace

  The corporate world has seen many training/learning and development trends in its lifetime. eLearning is one that’s here to stay. Over the years, eLearning has become one of the most popular styles of learning in the workplace. The reasons for this are straightforward. eLearning helps adult learners keep and later use crucial training information. It also lowers training costs, and promotes a quick adoption of products. The Relationship Between eLearning, Microlearning, and Information Retention There is something that links self-paced eLearning with information retention. We call this microlearning. Microlearning happens when a learner mentally ingests a small nugget of information. This may look like watching a 5-minute instructional video on YouTube. Or, reading a 400-word blog post on a … Continue Reading »

Want to Get Your Employees Participating in Online Learning? Here’s How.

To say that eLearning is important to the corporate world is an understatement. It would be more accurate to say eLearning, or online learning, is indispensable. This is true for all kinds of companies and organizations. There are countless reasons for this. The primary reason, as research is showing us, is that eLearning saves money. “e-Learning saves businesses at least 50%. Especially when they replace traditional instructor-based training with e-Learning,” wrote Christopher Pappas in Top 10 eLearning Statistics for 2014 You Need to Know. He also claimed that online learning reduced instruction time by up to 60 percent. This means that a 60-minute training session delivered in a traditional classroom setting can be conveyed in a mere 24 minutes. This can make an enormous difference in the … Continue Reading »

Why an LMS Needs Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Functionality

  There is no company leader that would not like his or her employees, volunteers, and members to have better online learning experiences. After spending considerable money and effort launching a learning management system (LMS) or other eLearning platform, organizational leaders want users to be delighted with their eLearning experiences. They want them to want to have these same encounters time and time again. Thankfully, a type of technology called Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) was designed to ensure superior online learning. What Is Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)? Is this the first time you are hearing about Learning Tools Interoperability? If so, let’s refer directly to LTI’s designer, IMS Global Learning Consortium, to find this technology’s exact definition: “Learning Tools Interoperability® … Continue Reading »

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3 Practical Ways to Lower the Cost of Employee Training

              No company can be successful without an effective, ongoing employee training program in place. Since leadership and development expenses can increase an organization’s bottom line, many corporate leaders want to lower the cost of employee training for their companies. There are simple, practical ways to do this. The High Cost of Cutting Out Employee Training  Do you recall when the recession first hit? It was shocking, sobering, and frightening, especially for corporate leaders who were wracking their brains, trying to figure out how to stay in business. Employee training/leadership and development programs were cut from many companies’ budgets in order to preserve funds. What business owners and managers found, though, was that their … Continue Reading »