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TOPYX® LMS is an excellent training solution. Particularly for midsize and large organizations. TOPYX offers an array of award-winning LMS features. Also a unique, flat-rate LMS pricing structure. That means no user fees. And, no data fees. This convenient pricing plan enables enterprise-wide adoption without any unexpected, extra costs. Our platform helps make training employees easy. TOPYX learning management software helps to keep employees engaged. Employees can focus on core business issues. And, for a low, flat fee.

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Mobile learning

Learning-on-the-go anytime, anywhere, and on your favorite device (tablet, phone, laptop, etc)


Advanced reporting tools and dashboard

Use the best online reporting tools for your needs. It's easy to track and analyze reports. Customize your dashboard for quick access.


Make learning management quick and easy

User and administrators find TOPYX's learning management features intuitive and easy to use.


Salesforce Integration

Easily connect TOPYX software to your Salesforce instance with just a few clicks!


Export and schedule email reports

Automate your reporting process. Get the management system reports you need in your inbox.


Switch languages easily with a drop-down menu

The TOPYX system can accommodate any left to right language.


Social learning tools encourage course discussions

TOPYX software has integrated social learning tools. It makes online learning more engaging and collaborative.


eCommerce tools to sell your content online

Combine engaging social learning management with eCommerce features. Better position your online educational content.


Unique branding to communicate your message

Make your online learning portal an extension of your brand. We offer Single Sign-on (SSO) for easy, secure access.

Our LMS Platform Helps Keep Your Learners Engaged


Choose us today and enjoy unlimited usage. Deliver the best training to your online learners. Our easy-to-use software is intuitive and comprehensive. And, our service and support is top notch. To get the best value in learning LMS, request a demo.

After you see our demo, you'll understand why so many clients choose our services.

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Learning Management System

Easy-to-Customize Learning Paths Enrich Your Training Program


Are there certifications, programs, or required learning paths involved with your training program? If so, you can easily set up, manage and report on all these options with TOPYX.

Customize learning paths for individuals or for user groups. TOPYX provides comprehensive content management functionality. Learning paths can be customized to best address your company's education and training needs.


Our users need a simple and intuitive interface to get to the items they need...


An easy-to-use learning management system interface. Software that gets learners on the right learning path.


User fees and other variable costs are limiting our learning program's adoption...


For a low-cost, flat annual subscription, you can get everyone up and running. No need to raise your budget.


We want an online learning environment to facilitate interaction and promote social learning...


Our award-winning software has great social learning tools, and an engaging online learning experience. It's easy for users to collaborate and share information.


We need to be able to easily track and report on the performance of our learning initiatives...


Access all the data you need within TOPYX. You'll be able to export information and schedule emailed reports. You'll see key performance indicators right on your dashboard.


We need to be able to customize some areas for our learning needs...


TOPYX is configurable. You'll be able to deliver a unique, branded and professional online learning experience. One that meets your goals.


We need a top notch online learning system. One that integrates with our current set of mission-critical, legacy software...


We provide Single Sign-on (SSO) and API options. These connect your instance of TOPYX with the necessary systems.


We need the best LMS, but do not want to add more work to our over-taxed staff...


We offer a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. No new IT resources are required. We can provide professional services to help administer your solution as well.

Support For Your Training Every Step of the Way


TOPYX is available for a low, flat fee subscription rate. This low cost pricing will allow your learning LMS to grow without extra costs. Also, TOPYX content creation software has award-winning features. Features that engage and attract users. And, TOPYX's LMS admin features provide reporting that your administrators need. A dedicated TOPYX client service team helps and supports you every step of the way.



Learning Management System

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TOPYX clients include Fortune 100 public companies, midsize private companies, nonprofit organizations, and associations. Also, governmental agencies and educational institutions. TOPYX clients are global users across all industries. They love its ease of use, engaging peer-to-peer learning tools, and outstanding value. They also like its robust feature set and dedicated support teams. TOPYX support teams provide compliance training. And, valuable sales training. TOPYX supports external portals. TOPYX services a wide variety of online learning management needs.

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