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LMS for Associations and Nonprofits“TOPYX provides our employees and our 1.2 million volunteer base with a learning environment that supports multi-languages and media formats, a community feature where learners can engage with one another, social media tools… TOPYX offers a great value at an affordable price and the customer service can’t be beat.”

Ryan Round,
Leadership Education & Training Division, Rotary International

How LMS for Associations and Nonprofits Makes for Better Employee Training…

You are trying to do many things: run an organization, manage individuals and change the world for the better, all on a limited budget. TOPYX learning management system (LMS) can help you:

Coordinate geographically separated membership


Leverage technology despite a lack of in-house IT staff members


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your training tools


Keep employees / volunteers / members engaged


Spend more time and money on your mission by deploying the right LMS to help you achieve your goals without breaking your budget. Choose TOPYX, the LMS that has no user fees.

An LMS can help you to minimize or reduce training costs. With TOPYX, there’s no need to produce or buy costly training material such as books, binders or other content.

Download: We offer discounted pricing for qualified nonprofits


Why choose an LMS for associations and nonprofits?

We do things a little different. Many associations, large and small, choose TOPYX LMS. They use Topyx to help them reach their training, collaboration and communication goals. Why? Our low, flat fee annual subscription has no user fees. And, our online training platform has an easy-to-use interface for both users and administrators.

Here’s why TOPYX LMS is the right choice for your needs:

  • It’s fully hosted. An easy-to-use social learning management system that will support your mission.
  • LMS features: Content sharing, calendaring, reporting, profiles, easy administration tools
  • Flat fee subscription and no user fees – ideal for keeping all of your members engaged and connected without added costs and user management headaches.
  • It easily helps you create logical groups to better report on chapters separately or collectively.
  • TOPYX is branded and secure to support your look, feel and message. ‘Skins’ can be added to provide unique branding for chapters or groups.
  • Since you need to speak your user’s language, TOPYX can be deployed in 16 languages with a click of a drop-down menu.
  • TOPYX provides eCommerce options for Associations – member and non-member pricing options and certifications.
  • Dedicated client support to assist you every step of the way.
  • TOPYX can be your Association LMS / Nonprofit LMS

Download: LMS for associations and nonprofits summary


Enhance your association or nonprofit with TOPYX LMS. Request a demo today to get started.


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