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Healthcare LMS“Why TOPYX?  It provides an intuitive and user friendly approach to learning.

Their support team provides both extraordinary and excellent support. They also have their own expertise as users and trainers. It is a ‘dream team’.”

Joan Bryar Angeletti, Director, Clinical Support Services
ACCESS Community Health Network

Healthcare LMS

The right Healthcare LMS can make compliance management easy.

It is critical that all the members of healthcare teams are on the same page and have the training they need. This means they need access to the right information, right when they need it. Our LMS makes it easier for your teams to share information. It also makes it easy to access required training materials. The TOPYX system can help you deliver an easy to use learning and certification program. One that you can track progress with. Additionally, TOPYX:

Facilitates compliance training and maintaining certifications


Supports HIPAA with secure email, HTTPS, FTPS, FDA CFR Part 11


Provides the right content and materials on-demand


Coordinates teams located in different geographic areas


Delivers comprehensive LMS reporting that is easy to access


Offers easy user management and self-directed learning


A well made LMS can make it easy to manage your user groups and certification requirements. The TOPYX learning management system makes it easy.


Healthcare organizations love our LMS. Why? Because TOPYX…

  • has tools to create groups. Groups are available for teams, level of caregiver, location or other learner characteristics. The TOPYX LMS has the ability to report on these groups separately or collectively.
  • Can be configured for your unique needs. You can use TOPYX software as an internal training and collaboration platform. You can also use it an external patient outreach platform, for sales training, and much more.
  • Has robust reporting, content sharing, calendaring, profiles, easy administration tools. No extra IT staff needed
  • Is available with a flat fee subscription. That means, no user fees. All necessary learners get access to the content they need without the headaches of managing seats/licenses
  • Is branded and secure to support your unique look and messaging
  • Can be deployed in different languages. The TOPYX platform accommodates your language needs with a click of a dropdown menu
  • Assigns a dedicated client support team to assist you every step of the way.


Start using the learning management system that’s right for healthcare needs. Request a demo to learn more today.



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