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Why Use an LMS? It’s Proven to Enrich Employee Training

TOPYX® LMS has proven itself. A wide array of today’s leading companies use it. A powerful learning management solution. Perfect for employee training.

TOPYX has an impressive client list in the business, healthcare, and nonprofit industries. It’s also widely used and favored by associations, multinationals, and by the public sector. Each industry has unique education and training needs. These are needs our platform meets.

Here are some of TOPYX main features:

Full-featured LMS technology
  • Powerful eLearning features, including xAPI (Tin Can API) & learning record store (LRS)
  • You can sell your online content through our eCommerce tools
  • Easy to automate, email notifications
  • Easy to establish electronic-led training (ELT), instructor-led training (ILT) sessions and Webinars
  • Accommodates 16 languages and growing
  • Access to Topyx content is secure. Our platform gives access only to the right users

Easy-to-use. Customizable course content
  • Learners and administrators will find TOPYX intuitive
  • Easy to set up, online learning paths
  • Passing your role assignments into TOPYX is easy. Our systems manage the roles of users and administrators
  • Everything is a label. Turn it on, turn it off, and rename it

Social learning & collaborative web tools
  • Users learn together. And, build community – using our social learning features
  • Highly configurable, with binary on and off buttons

Data analytics
  • Intuitive, customizable dashboards and reporting tools
  • Scheduled LMS reporting, including course progress, report cards and registration
  • Certification/CEU/transcripts for internal & external use
  • Canned and custom reporting
  • Mobile access to reports from any device

Integrate with your other web-based tools
  • LMS integration [including Application Program Interface (API), SSO (Single-Sign-On), LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability)]
  • Free Salesforce integration
  • Google Analytics integration

Dedicated help and client support
  • Client service manager assigned to you – from implementation to ongoing
  • We can even administer your LMS & assist end-users

Unlimited users. Unlimited potential
  • One subscription price per annum
  • Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited learners
  • Grow with full total cost of ownership (TCO) transparency

Spend more time and money on your mission by deploying the right LMS technology to help you achieve your training goals. Without breaking your budget. Choose TOPYX, the LMS that has best subscription terms and no user fees.


LMS Solution“Working with the TOPYX staff has truly been a pleasure. TOPYX software is so inclusive. It lets us make best use of the tools provided. No wasting time trying to figure out what tools we should be asking for.”

Danielle Brown Fuller, Chief Quality Assurance Officer,
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City


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