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See why you need an LMS with Experience API – Tin Can API…

xAPI makes TOPYX an LRS and LMS. Let’s decode that better:

TOPYX LMS offer xAPI technology as another feature in an already robust offering. We should start by explaining the alphabet soup of acronyms.

Experience API xAPIxAPI, is also known as Tin Can API and Experience API. xAPI was developed by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative as a successor to SCORM certification to advance the usability of data relating to learners’ experiences across platforms and applications. This process of standardization allows for the creation of Learning Record Stores (LRS).

LRS is an application that can capture, report, and share user records. It can do this in a way that makes them compatible for use with different systems. With the addition of xAPI, TOPYX became a LRS as well as an LMS.

An LMS, or learning management system, is why you are here. You are looking to enhance your training and development process. You want the best technology available. You want to engage users and create a collaborative learning environment. This is what TOPYX is all about (See FAQ for more LMS information).

What you need to know: TOPYX acts as both an LRS and LMS. It does this to maximize the value you receive as a client. TOPYX makes it easy to use and share user information in the best way to support your training needs. Not every LMS out there has this to offer you.

xAPI Tin Can API

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