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LMS Salesforce Integration

Easily connect TOPYX LMS to your Salesforce instance with just a few clicks!

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) system. More people use Salesforce than any other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business application.

Now, we have made it incredibly simple to manage your users between TOPYX and Salesforce.

Oh, and it is free. Visit the Salesforce AppExchange.

See more about how the integration works and how to get started by visiting the Salesforce AppExchange.



Here are some of the LMS integration features:


Import, export and more

Import and export user data between Salesforce and TOPYX


Manage user access

Qualify and manage new users to access your systems.


Easily Install App

Connect Salesforce and TOPYX with a simple, free application


Salesforce LMS Integration


See more about the TOPYX LMS integration with Salesforce in a live demo today!


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