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Improve User Experience with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)…

You should be able to connect systems that will create a better learning experience for your users. Now, with TOPYX LMS, you can.

TOPYX has advanced LTI technology. This has been certified by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. Now you can connect or share data between your TOPYX learning platform and other systems. You can do this without extra custom interface development. This means less development costs. Less administration. And, fewer headaches. You’ll get much more out of your learning programs.


Office Mix MicrosoftThe availability of LTI functionality provides even more learning options for TOPYX LMS users. New options include the addition of Microsoft® Office Mix. This is a free add-in for PowerPoint®. This add-in makes it easy to author and share interactive online lessons. This is a ready to use option. Microsoft Office Mix lets you quickly create and share valuable content with your users.


More tools that will easily connect via LTI:

BadgeStackNBC LearnMcGraw Hill
Harvard BusinessmediasiteSmarter Measure
Voice ThreadVenture HighwayWebAssign


See more options at:

LTI is a standard method for varying systems to share data. Here’s how IMS Global defines LTI:

“Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a specification developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium. The principal concept of LTI is to establish a standard way of integrating rich learning applications. These applications are often remotely hosted and provided through third-party services. They are delivered through platforms like learning management systems, portals, or other educational environments.” – IMS Global Developer





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