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We like to make things easy. We already offer TOPYX with no user fees, no data fees, no implementation fees, award winning LMS features and much more to save you time and money building your learning and development program. We even gone one step further.

TOPYX provides detailed LMS content creation and authoring tools. These are easy-to-use and integrate seamlessly with the learning management system features. Tests were conducted to validate the use of SCORM 1.2 and 2004 materials. This was done within an active TOPYX learning platform.

Download more information about the content authoring suite:

Download: TOPYX Content Authoring


LMS Content Creation


Easy eLearning Content Creation:


Content Creation Tool


  • Create customizable quizzes and surveys
  • Add audio and video narrations
  • Make screen recordings
  • Create dialog scenarios
  • Use professional interactions and rich media
  • Easily create and publish any content


Adding a new course into TOPYX can be done with just a few easy steps. This can be done by accessing Upload Files & SCOs section of the administration tool:

content authoring

elearning content authoring


We partner with iSpring to provide award-winning eLearning creation and authoring tools in TOPYX. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA and founded in 2005, iSpring has over 40,000 clients around the world. Clients include IBM, Sony, AT&T and more. These clients use their eLearning creation and authoring tools.


See how easy it is to use the LMS content creation tools in a free demo of TOPYX LMS today.