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The easy-to-use LMS for users and administrators…

You’ll be amazed how much time TOPYX will save you on administrative duties.

Here’s how we made it easy: No IT knowledge needed, no coding, no confusing or wasteful processes. An intuitive interface controlled by selecting a checkboxes. Yes, it’s that easy.

We provide detailed training, access to a dedicated client support team and a comprehensive User Guide to help you every step of the way.


Here are some of the administration features:


Easy-to-use dashboard

Access all of the administration features you need with intuitive dashboard of options.


Import, export and more

Import, export and process the right files quickly.


Manage site settings

With just a click or two, you can make sure your learning environment has the right configuration.


Add subjects and materials

Subjects and courses change regularly. You need a system like TOPYX that can adapt quickly to your needs.


Control user sign-in options

Easily qualify and manage new users that access your learning platform.


eLearning tools


Make managing your learning program easy with TOPYX. See more administration features by requesting a demo today!