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Create a collaborative learning environment…

Get everyone on the same page.

TOPYX LMS provides users access intuitive tools. This helps users to work together on projects. It also encourages them to share valuable experience and information. Even more important, it helps everyone to stay involved.

Communities within TOPYX provide users award-winning social learning tools. These tools enable users to connect better than ever. This information remains with the content. This makes it easier to build on online knowledge hub. A hub that will stick around, even if your users do not.

Communities can be a power tool to enhance your learning program. You can also select these features to best suit your culture.


You can easily configure your LMS platform to use any of these collaboration tools:

  • Bios and pictures
  • Communities
  • Customized schedules and alerts
  • Personal profiles
  • Social learning tools
  • Much more…


Empower your users to collaborate on projects with TOPYX LMS. Learn how. Request a demo today!