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LMS Integration

The TOPYX LMS platform offers Single Sign-on (SSO). API integration. FTP. FTPS. Salesforce integration. We’ve got all this and more.

You need your systems to connect. You need to deploy them across your organization. You also need to ensure correct methods of data sharing. We understand that.

Your learning management system should not be an island. The secure and seamless Topyx SSO LMS delivers a better user experience. Our system reduces the need for users to re-sign-in and remember passwords.

Our SSO, API, FTP and FTPS options make passing your role assignments into TOPYX LMS easy. Our systems manage the roles of users and administrators.

What type of integration needs do you have? We will assess your current environment and what your unique learning goals are. We determine integration options per customer for an extra fee.


See how easily the TOPYX LMS can integrate into your core systems. Request a demo today.


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